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January 2021

Kilwa Kisiwani Ruins The Ancient Port City of East Africa

(Article from SIYABONA AFRICA,2021) Kilwa Kisiwani was the principal settlement on the East African coast, settled as far back as the ninth century it first came to power in the 11th century... Review by Graeme Field I stand amidst the bustling chaos, allowing the cacophony of noise to wash over me. The clamour is loud and colourful but yet strangely organised, a myriad sounds combined into one...

Tanzania Travel Articles

These Tanzania safari reviews are by seasoned travel writers. Read first hand experiences and accounts of travelling in Tanzania. A Jewel in the Shadows Of the Giants. Arusha National Park. The closest national park to Arusha town – the northern Tanzania safari capital – Arusha National Park is a multi-faceted jewel, often overlooked by safari-goers...more Best 25...

The Wonders of  Amboni Caves

The Amboni Caves are the most extensive limestone caves in East Africa. They are located 8 km north of Tanga City in Tanzania off the Tanga-Mombasa road. The caves were formed about 150 million years ago during the Jurassic age. It covers an area of 234 km². According to researchers the area was under water some 20 million years ago. There are altogether ten caves but only one is used...

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