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Maintain the quality of your Ad

Maintain the quality of your Ad

Here you can find our best advice on how to get client fast through

Write a detailed description

The description of your ad is the showcase of your hotel,lodge,restaurant and historical sites of Tanzania. It gives the buyer a first impression of the quality of your hotel. Make sure you define the location, square meters, number of rooms and strengths of your product properly.

Estimate your property at the right price

It is highly recommended to seek the support of an expert on this. Otherwise, you can compare prices among all of our ads on the website, taking into consideration the geographical location and the quality of the property. If your price is too high, you may have trouble finding buyers.

Upload many pictures

You should upload good and rewarding pictures to your listing. Take as many pictures as possible, of all rooms and all parts of your house. Try to use a digital camera for high-quality pictures.

Compare listings