As Tanzania’s newest national park, Mkomazi National Park is known best for its black rhinos, but is also home to oryx, dik-dik, eland, and many birds and butterflies. It is definitely off the beaten track but it is a wonderful and tranquil place to view endangered animals and hike.

Mkomazi National Park : Facts, Features and More

3,245 sq km (1,240 sq miles)


Less than 200 km northwest of Arusha, this park borders Kenya.


Getting to:
By road from Arusha, Moshi or Tanga.


Best time to visit:
Flowers and butterflies are best seen December – April.


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Why should you visit?

Mkomazi National Park contains 90% of all botanic species found in Tanzania, with one third classified as unique in the world.

It is also home to the Mkomazi Rhino Project. This involves the re-introduction of a number of black rhinos from South Africa, which, it is hoped, will breed before being relocated to traditional natural habitats within Tanzania.

Moreover, butterfly lovers will find Mkomazi particularly rewarding, as it is home to some of the 3,500 species of butterflies, and a far greater variety of moth. Additionally, over 450 avian species have been recorded in the park, including the cobalt-chested vulturine, guinea fowl, and some migratory species such as the Eurasian roller.

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