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Tanzania destination is a place with diversity of cultures and great world historical discoveries

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The country has many things to explore and learn when we talk about local cultures and the great history of our nation. This country has a number of famous in the world historical sites that provides to the world clear insight into the past and helps the people to learn about the human history. Historical places gives people, a clear picture about our ancient cultures, primitive working tools like Stone tools, and our ancestors art work. You will find good example of the anciet art at the Rock Paintings of Kondoa Irangi Tanzania.

Apart from the famous Kondoa Irangi rock paintings, Tanzania has other attracting for historians as well as other visitors historical places. These include; Kaole ruins, Ismila Stone Age site, Engaruka ruins, Mikindani, Ngorongoro Conservation area, and many other sites within the country. The government of Tanzania is doing all it can to preserve and promote these sites for sustainable use.


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