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The Wonders of  Amboni Caves

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The Amboni Caves are the most extensive limestone caves in East Africa. They are located 8 km north of Tanga City in Tanzania off the Tanga-Mombasa road. The caves were formed about 150 million years ago during the Jurassic age. It covers an area of 234 km². According to researchers the area was under water some 20 million years ago. There are altogether ten caves but only one is used for guided tours.

Amboni Limited, a company which was then operating sisal plantations in Tanga Region acquired the


area in 1892. The company notified the British colonial government about the caves who in turn declared the caves a conservation area in 1922.

It is not known when the caves were exactly discovered but reports indicate that ethnic groups such as the SegejuSambaaBondei and Digo who lived near the caves used it for prayers.

In 1963, the then government of Tanganyika handed over the caves to the Department of Antiquities.cpz;

Great place, good guides, beautiful caves and interesting stories.
There are different features formed from the walls of the caves like Kilimanjaro Mountain, leopard, bird feather, sexual organs, holy Mary, airplane, liberty statue, etc all the features are amazing, the features…

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